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Widespread IT Broadens The Attack Surface

Threats are growing, and companies simply do not have the option to ignore the problem. This will drive a more diverse, service-driven security model, says IBM’s Marc Van Zadelhoff

IBM/Sun: The Technology Fall-Out

If the merger goes ahead, IBM will have to make choices: Which database, which directory, and which virtualisation technology?

If IBM Swallows Sun, Open-Source Is The Winner

There is a lot of overlap for IBM and Sun in the areas of open source and operating systems – but that could actually be a good thing, given IBM’s ability to build business on the open source model

IBM/Sun: It’s All About The Storage?

Enterprise storage has to change, as customers finally get free of proprietary systems. Buying Sun gives IBM a chance to moves its customers on without losing them to the competition


Sun Shows Off Cloud Platform

Microsoft, Google and other companies have a new cloud competitor in Sun Microsystems, which has announced its upcoming Sun Open Cloud Platform