ZigBee Hopes ‘dotdot’ Will Be Universal Language For IoT Devices


Zigbee Alliance Claims ‘dotdot’ will work regardless of the wireless technology used to connect the IoT device

Zigbee, one of the standards competing to connect up the Internet of Things (IoT), has written a universal language called dotdot that allows smart devices to communicate no matter what type of wireless technology is used to connect them.

The technology is a rival to cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks, all of which are used for IoT applications, and is pitched as a simpler, cheaper alternative.


Zigbee Alliance dotdot

However the ZigBee Alliance believes IoT adoption has been hindered by the absence of a common language, claiming that most IoT devices can’t speak to each other even if they are using the same wireless technology.

This results in ‘translated’ communication that makes life difficult for developers and argues that other efforts to create a lingua franca have been stifled by working groups or are proprietary.

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Along with security, fragmentation has been considered one of the biggest barriers to IoT adoption. The ZigBee Alliance says dotdot will give developers a single platform, reduce complexity, and will have the backing of the groups 400 members  including industry giants Philips and Bosch.

“Dotdot represents the next chapter in the Zigbee alliance’s continued commitment to create and evolve open standards for the smart networks in our homes, businesses and neighbourhoods,” said Tobin Richardson, ZigBee Alliance CEO.

 “The application layer that is the core language of ZigBee devices has driven significant growth in the IoT. Recognizing the opportunity to multiply that growth for members and the industry, market leaders within the alliance have come together to transform it into a universal language for the IoT, making it available to everyone, everywhere, across their network of choice.”

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