Tech Quiz Of The Week: The History Of BT


BT’s been in the news again but what do you know about the UK’s biggest mobile and broadband provider?

BT is synonymous with the history of UK communications. From its origins as an arm of the General Post Office to state monopoly to just one of a number of UK telcos competing for telephone, broadband, television and mobile subscriptions.

It has a long and illustrious history. It’s been nationalised and privatised, sold one mobile operator and bought another one a decade later, and now it has its own television channels.

BT Quiz

BT Sport AppIt’s the UK’s biggest broadband provider, and now the largest mobile provider too. It has the UK’s largest fibre and 4G networks. The company is also a player on the world stage, offering communications services to businesses around the world. It’s also given Kris Marshall, Ryan Reynolds and Alec Baldwin quite a bit of work too.

But T has never been far from controversy. At the moment, its rollout of superfast broadband is under heavy scrutiny, although it has avoided losing its Openreach division – for now.

But what do you know about the company formerly known as British Telecom?

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