Sky Offers Cheapest Fibre Broadband, But Only If TV Is Included

Virgin Media and BT Infinity will need to up their game

Sky has just launched the UK’s cheapest fibre broadband and line-rental package, thereby likely cementing its favour with its customers.

The offer, which is exclusive to Sky TV customers, offers Sky Fibre and line rental at a mere £20 per month, a discount of £7.40 over the normal monthly cost.

Fantastic fibre

The affordable yet fast broadband will likely appeal to small businesses, startups and people embracing the trend of remote and mobile working with home offices, as it will present a very competitive alternative to Virgin Media’s cable packages or BT Infinity fibre broadband.

Of course, combine the Sky TV and Fibre package hits around £40 a month for a period of 18 months, but it offers Sky bountiful selection of television channels, Sky Q and the fibre broadband at a price that undercuts that of rivals offering less for more.

Sky was recently championed as the least complained about telecoms company, with a mere seven complaints per 100,000 customers. BT and its subsidiary brands EE and Plusnet all topped the charts for being moaned about by disgruntled customers.

Having an affordable TV and fibre package will go some way for Sky in building up the good will it has already garnered over the past year.

However, before people rush out to get Sky’s fibre, it is worth noting that the spread of fibre broadband is reliant in BT’s Openreach backbone network infrastructure, which despite its growing reach has yet to cover many areas or even parts of London.

And that is a problem with fibre broadband in general; while ADSL connections are almost ubiquitous, some streets, even in the capital may have access to fibre while another running parallel may be off the network that allows access to superfast broadband.

This situation has seen the Tory government and its Coalition predecessor set up the BDUK programme, which aims to deliver superfast broadband to 95 percent of the UK.

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