Peterborough Connects 220 Sites To CityFibre FTTP And Gets Wi-Fi HD CCTV Cameras

Peterborough says it will save time and money while becoming more technically capable thanks to CittyFibre FTTP network

Peterborough City Council has added another 220 public sector cites to CityFibre’s network, claiming the migration from BT’s Openreach network to fibre to the premise (FTTP) infrastructure will boost authorities’ technical capabilities and save money.

The 90km network was originally built to server 107 sites, including council buildings and schools, but will now be extended to cover CCTV cameras, Wi-Fi connections and traffic systems.

The council will now be able to replace fixed cameras with high-definition Wi-Fi cameras that can be moved around the city and the work done to connect street furniture to the network will allow for the easy deployment of 4G and 5G small cells.

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CityFibre Peterborough

Peterborough Town HallThe city believes the project will future proof it for the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and strengthens its credentials as a ‘smart city’.

“These new access points will enable us to improve our CCTV and traffic management solutions while allowing for future roll-outs of citywide Wi-Fi and future proofing the city for future developments in a world of the Internet of Things and Smart Cities,” said John Harrison at Peterborough City Council.

“Our partnership with CityFibre is just one of the many ways we are investing in growth, innovation, skills and sustainability with the goal of making Peterborough a better place to invest, work and live.”

CityFibre has built a number of citywide FTTP networks for councils who serve as the anchor tenant. The networks are then built out to serve residential areas and businesses, with access sold to third parties on a wholesale basis. This includes TalkTalk and Sky, with whom CityFibre has established a joint-venture in York with a  view to expanding the model elsewhere in the country.

The company has bought KCOM’s national fibre infrastructure for £90 million and has recently partnered with rural FTTP provider Gigaclear in a bid to challenge Openreach.

“Peterborough City Council and the city as a whole have grasped the Gigabit City vision and made it their own,” added CityFibre CEO Greg Mesch. “They have exploited a fit-for-purpose digital infrastructure to revolutionize the way they deliver public services and making their city more competitive and attractive to investment. With businesses also experiencing the benefits of gigabit speed services, Peterborough has become a model for a true Gigabit City.”

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