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MWC 2016: Samsung Showcases End-To-End 5G

Samsung successfully showcased its first complete 5G platform at Mobile World Congress today, in partnership with German operator Deutsche Telekom.

The end-to-end 5G demonstration made use of Samsung’s 60Ghz millimetre wave (mmWave) technology, which was blasted at two Samsung smartphones on the show floor.

The demo consisted of the phones tracking the movements of a robotic arm from two different angles, with ultra high definition 4K video transmitted over the air with “minimal delay” by Samsung’s 60Ghz radio access technology.

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Samsung and Deutsche Telekom claim to have achieved throughput of more than 1.5Gbps on each smartphone – which according to the companies- proves that 5G technology using spectrum above 6GHz can serve as one of the optimised solutions for next generation mobile services.

“We are pleased to have proven the feasibility of 5G technology through this live demonstration with Deutsche Telekom,” said Youngky Kim, head of networks at Samsung Electronics.

“It is important for Samsung to take a realistic path towards 5G world by securing seamless mobility, which will enable people to enjoy immersive experiences such as virtual reality broadcasting services and hologram calls using 5G infrastructures. Samsung will continue its innovation with Deutsche Telekom to bring 5G technology closer to our lives.”

Samsung said that its radio access for the spectrum above 6GHz will deal with the challenges of future networks, such as growth of demand for bandwidth and densities of devices with IoT, as that particular area of the spectrum as large amounts of empty bandwidth.

5G has been one of the central themes of this year’s MWC, with Ericsson, Cisco and Qualcomm among those to make announcements related to the next generation of mobile networks, which are expected to be commercially available by 2020.

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