Vodafone M2M Network To Power Philips Smart Lighting Platform


Philips Lighting says Vodafone deal will make it easier for local authorities to save money with smart lighting

Vodafone’s M2M network will power Dutch electrical giant Philips’ smart street light management systems, which are pitched to local authorities as a way of saving money through more efficient energy use and maintenance.

Individual street lamps use a SIM card to connect to Vodafone’s network, allowing city authorities to monitor and manage lights using a central platform. Here they can control lighting depending on what time of day it is, identify faults and send out maintenance crews and check performance.

For example, the Port of Hamburg uses smart lighting to turn on LED lights only when they are needed, improving safety for pedestrians and cyclists and saving money. Philips has already agreed deals with Cisco to use the latter’s network technology for its smart lighting platform.

Vodafone Philips Lighting

Port Hamburg“Just less than 12 percent of the world’s street lights are LED and less than 2 percent are connected,” said Bill Bien, head of strategy and marketing at Philips Lighting. “We are at the start of a new era which will see highly energy efficient connected street lighting become the backbone of most smart cities.

“Robust, reliable wireless connectivity will help make this happen, linking streetlights with sensors, devices and management systems. By partnering with Vodafone we can work together to take light beyond illumination, helping to make cities more energy efficient, safer and ultimately more liveable.”

Vodafone has devoted significant resources to the Internet of Things (IoT) and has been a major supporter of the more power effeicient Nb-IoT (Narrowband-IoT) standard, which mobile operators hope can ensure cellular technology fends off competition from the likes of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and proprietary technologies like SIGFOX in the race to connect up the IoT.

“Lighting plays a key role in the smart city,” added Erik Brenneis, Vodafone M2M director. “Our agreement with Philips will see this technology transforming cities across the world backed by Vodafone’s world-leading innovation, technologies and networks.”

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