Quiz Of The Week: The Internet Of Things


What do you know about the networking revolution set to transform entertainment, industry and governance?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the biggest trends in technology and has the potential to transform the lives of both consumers and businesses as even the most mundane of everyday objects becomes connected.

M2M eeSensors and connected systems will make factories more efficient and open up new markets, while local governance could be changed forever with smart traffic systems, refuse collections and other services creating smart cities and even smart countries.

At home, the IoT will change home entertainment, help households save money with smart metres that control energy use and there are even apps that can connect your fridge to the Internet.

But it’s not just applications that will be transformed. New networks and standards will emerge over the coming years and decades, providing the low latency, high throughput and ubiquitous connectivity required.

But what do you know about the Internet of Things? Do you know how the connected future can change the world, are you firmly offline?

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Internet of Things: Do you use M2M applications or services?

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