Microsoft Hooks Up With Jasper To Boost Internet Of Things Push


New partnership will boost Microsoft’s Azure IoT platform when it launches later this year

Microsoft is partnering with Internet of Things (IoT) specialists Jasper to strengthen the former’s connected devices push and boost the reach of Azure IoT Suite.

The deal will combine Jasper’s IoT service platform, Control Center, with Microsoft’s platform, which is set to launch later this year.


connected worldFirst announced at Microsoft’s Convergence event back in March, Azure IoT Suite looks to provide an open, scalable platform offering services that any company, from start-ups to global enterprises, can use.

It will therefore hope to link seamlessly with the cloud-based Jasper Control Center, which enables companies of all sizes to deploy, manage and benefit from IoT services for any connected device.

As well as getting IoT services to market quicker than before, the new deal will also help to provide businesses with a global view of their IoT deployments – including both device data and Control Center IoT service data – through Azure IoT Suite, and help to enable automated business decisions by providing in-depth analysis of the mound of data generated by the IoT.

“Our vision for the Azure IoT Suite is to help companies thrive in this era of IoT by delivering preconfigured solutions and world class services that any company, whether startup or the most established global enterprises, can use to create new value,” said Sam George, director of Azure IoT.

“Jasper’s IoT services platform is a critical component of delivering on this vision. By bringing together the Jasper Platform and the Azure IoT Suite, businesses of any size and in any industry can build cost effective IoT solutions for themselves or their customers.”

Jasper already works with 25 mobile operator groups, representing more than 100 mobile operator networks worldwide, to provide Control Center across more than 100 countries, giving Microsoft a huge potential customer base to benefit from.

“More than 2,000 enterprises across dozens of industries worldwide have selected the Jasper Platform to enable them to deliver IoT services that increase customer value and grow revenues,” said Macario Namie, vice president of strategy at Jasper.

“Through this strategic partnership with Microsoft, we continue to increase the business value of IoT by making it easier and faster for enterprises to bring their IoT services to market, and to scale those services globally.”

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