iPass Targets Mobile App And IoT Integration With Wi-Fi SDK


iPass makes its network selection tech available to developers who want constant connectivity

iPass is making its network selection technology available to developers, who can integrate the functionality into their applications.

The iPass SmartConnect Software Development Kit (SDK) provides APIs for companies, operators and device manufacturers to activate, authenticate and connect to appropriate networks and create custom interfaces.

This, iPass says, will provide developers with an alternative to cellular and ensure end users have constant connectivity. It thinks the kit will be especially useful for the hospitality, retail and airline industries as well as the Internet of Things (IoT).

iPass SDK

Networking globeWi-Fi is one of a number of technologies, along with Bluetooth, cellular and proprietary standards like Sigfox, competing to connect the IoT.

iPass does not own any hotspots itself and instead agrees partnerships with various providers to offer businesses a single log-in and billing service that promises to make it easier and cheaper to use wireless Internet services around the world.

Last year it integrated Devicescape’s 20 million curated access points into its network, bringing its total footprint to 50 million, or two thirds of the world’s public hotspots.

Expanding footprint

The SDK works independently of iPass’s curated service and its ‘quality of service’ database for hotspots both inside and outside the company’s network. The hope is that more devices will have access to the iPass network should they want to take services from the comoany. For example, all new HP tablets and PCs come with one, two or three year’s free access.

“The launch of our SDK may be remembered as the most exciting chapter in [our history]—the key building block in our goal to be embedded on one billion devices by the end of next year,” said iPass CEO Gary Griffiths. “Our new developer program unlocks our technology to the endless creativity of our partners and customers.

“Ultimately, our SDK will increase the value of a broad swath of mobile applications, as developers anywhere can incorporate our global Wi-Fi connectivity solution, while still maintaining control over their brands and technology platforms.”

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