90 Percent Of Businesses Face Internet of Things Security Breach By 2016

internet of things

Connected technology will revolutionise the workplace and mean big changes for IT managers everywhere, predicts IDC

The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to hugely change the modern workplace, but businesses need to stay aware of the security threats it poses, new research has warned.

A report from analyst firm IDC has predicted that 90 percent of all IT networks will have an IoT-based security breach within the next two years, although many will be considered “inconveniences” as they target non-crucial parts of the business.

This rise in attacks will see many chief information security officers (CISOs) forced to adopt new IoT policies to ensure their employees and their business remain secure when using a range of devices.

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The range of industries embracing IoT initiatives and solutions will also expand as more and more businesses see the potential of the technology. IDC says that over 50 percent of IoT activity is currently centred in manufacturing, transportation, smart city, and consumer applications, but within five years it expects all industries will have rolled out IoT initiatives.

The growth of smart cities will play a major role in this expansion, as local governments, competing to build innovative and sustainable smart cities, will represent more than 25 percent of all government external spending to deploy, manage, and realize the business value of the IoT by 2018.

IDC also revealed it sees more than 90 percent of all IoT data being hosted on service provider platforms within the next five years as cloud computing reduces the complexity of supporting IoT “Data Blending”.

By 2018, 40 percent of IoT-created data will be stored, processed, analysed, and acted upon close to, or at the edge, of the network, the firm believes.

IDC revealed the predictions at its FutureScape: Worldwide Internet of Things 2015 Predictions Web conference, which looks to provide IT professionals with an insight into future trends and initiatives.

“The Internet of Things will give IT managers a lot to think about,” said Vernon Turner, senior vice president of research. “Enterprises will have to address every IT discipline to effectively balance the deluge of data from devices that are connected to the corporate network. In addition, IoT will drive tough organizational structure changes in companies to allow innovation to be transparent to everyone, while creating new competitive business models and products.”

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