EE Network Suffers Outage As Users Lose 4G Internet


Everything should now be back to normal for users across the UK

EE appears to have fixed a network issue that left users across the UK without 4G mobile internet for several hours this morning.

Independent website started tracking issues at around 7am this morning, with the number of complaints peaking at approximately 10am before tailing off just before 11am.

Users took to Twitter to complain about being unable to send messages or emails and a lack of mobile internet in several areas, with the likes of London, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield and Glasgow seemingly being the most affected.

EE down detector

EE outage

Although EE has not issued a formal statement, the carrier’s Twitter handle has been busy replying to disgruntled users. 

Earlier this morning EE replied to a user that it was “aware of a data issue affecting 4G internet connectivity on some services for a few customers this morning” before later confirming that everything “should now be back to normal”.

Speaking to Silicon, EE confirmed that full service was restored at around 11am and provided the following statement: “We had a data issue affecting some internet services for some of our customers on 4G. Phone calls and text messages were unaffected, and some internet services continued to work as usual. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

The outage comes approximately a month after EE was found to have the fastest speeds and best availability of 4G in the UK, with all four of the big UK operators showing improvements thanks to investments in network infrastructure.

Earlier this year EE also showed off the drones and balloons it plans to use to boost coverage in rural areas and during natural disasters.

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