EE Has The Best Mobile Network In London

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EE continues to offer the best call, text and data service in the capital, according to RootMetrics

EE is still London’s best performing mobile network, according to RootMetrics, which the operator as first or joint-first in every single category.

Overall the operator achieved a weighted ‘Rootscore’ of 96.5, ahead of O2, Vodafone and Three which all tied for second with scores of 91.6, 91.3 and 90.9. EE has now been named RootMetrics’ number one in the capital on seven consecutive occasions.

EE is the fastest network with median download speeds of 29.8Mbps and upload speeds of 13.2 Mbps, with Vodafone recording 11.4Mbps download and 8.4Mbps upload, O2 registering 10.2Mbps and 7.7Mbps, and Three finishing last with 9.6Mbps and 5.8Mbps.

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City of LondonBT’s new subsidiary is also the most reliable, offers the best data performance and the best call performance, blocking just 0.8 percent of calls and dropping just 0.4 percent. This compares with its rivals who average more than one percent in both statistics.

However O2 ranked joint-first with EE for texts. The median text send time on EE was 2.1 seconds and with O2 it was 2.2 seconds. This beat Vodafone’s 2.6 seconds and Three’s 2.7 seconds, although text performance is longer ‘weighted’ as highly in overall Rootscores as they would have been five years ago because of the growing importance of data.

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All four operators want the Electronic Communications Code (ECC) to be reformed so operators have better access to sites and public infrastructure so they can deploy more masts, perform upgrades and improve coverage within the capital.

O2 has been critical of RootMetrics methods, while Three prefers to emphasise other metrics which take into account things like customer service. However Stonham told TechWeekEurope in an interview earlier last year that the operators could not discredit it’s “scientific” network tests.

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