CItyFibre Fires-Up Glasgow Gigabit City Project Second Phase To Connect 7,000 Businesses

The pure fibre company will bring connect the city centre to is 31km network in Glasgow

CityFibre is beginning another phase of construction with its Glasgow Gigabit City project, which will see more than 7,000 businesses put within reach of the city’s 31km pure fibre network.

The new construction phase aims to connect Glasgow’s city centre to the fibre infrastructure CityFibre has already deployed in the area, and marks a commitment to improve to Scottish city’s digital infrastructure.

Businesses such as design studios and architects, where modern digital technologies have penetrated and demand speedy internet access, will have the opportunity to connect to the pure fibre network, which CityFibre said now connects seven hospitals in the city.

Glasgow going pure fibre

Fibre“It is great to see our Gigabit City network now reaching the heart of Glasgow. Pure fibre connectivity and ultra-fast internet services are already changing the way thousands of businesses operate nationwide and now Glasgow’s business community will benefit too,” said James McClafferty, CityFibre’s head of regional development in Scotland.

 “A Gigabit City network will help support the city’s growing demand for data, boost competitiveness and create new opportunities for digital entrepreneurs. The rise of digital is really transforming the way we live and work, but to keep up with trends and maintain Glasgow’s profile on the world stage, we need the infrastructure to match.”

Glasgow is arguably the economic centre of Scotland, so having access to a faster network can help fledgling digital businesses and those going through the much-discussed digital transformation projects, will help them succeed.

Bringing pure fibre networks to cities in the North of the UK is also a good way to re-distribute some of the technology focus that London constantly garners with is wealth of startups and big tech firms encompassed with in is urban sprawl.

Furthermore, access to a speedy pure fibre network will also help Glasgow realise its £24 million smart city ambitions, which has also garnered attention for IBM.

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