O2 And EE Solve Landline Call Issues On Networks

EE and O2 say issues which stopped customers from dialling landline numbers have now been resolved

EE and O2 say they have now fixed problems which left many customers unable to make calls from their mobile phones to landline numbers last night.

Both operators say customers should be able to make calls as normal this morning and there is an investigation underway to see what went wrong. It has been suggested that an issue with the landline network is to blame.

O2 said BT confirmed the unspecified glitch had been resolved by 7pm last night, although it is understood that an investigation by the latter found no fault in its landline network that could have explained the outage.

EE O2 outage

mobile signal business office anger phone © iofoto Shutterstock“BT has confirmed that the problem is now fixed and those customers who may have been impacted are able to make calls successfully,” an O2 spokesperson said last night. “We will continue to monitor service overnight to ensure stability for our customers. We apologise for an inconvenience this may have caused.”

“Problems affecting calls to landlines for a few operators have been fixed, and things are now stable,” EE said on Twitter this morning. “We apologise for the inconvenience while we worked with the affected operators to get everything back up and running.”

Both operators have suffered major outages before. O2 customers suffered significant downtime over the May bank holiday weekend earlier this year while a series of incidents in 2012 caused the operator to abandon the Ericsson user database which it was believed was causing problems.

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