Microsoft Is Building Its Own SIM Cards

SIM cards

Windows 10-enabled Microsoft SIM will make getting online easier for mobile device users

Microsoft is looking to attract more users to its Windows 10 mobile offering with the launch of its own non-contract SIM cards.

The SIM cards will provide users of Windows 10 Mobile devices access to a nationwide mobile data network, meaning customers can stay online even when Wi-Fi isn’t available.

This could mean that Microsoft is planning the launch of its own MVNO or mobile network in the future to offer Windows 10 Mobile users a premium experience.


azureThe service will be linked to a special Cellular Data app, announced today by Microsoft and available to download on the Windows Store, which will offer mobile data plans run and billed through the user’s Microsoft account, allowing them to buy and use mobile data as and when it’s needed.

The post for the app says that there’s no need for customers to sign up to any contract, but it will only work with “specific Windows 10 devices” and requires a Microsoft SIM card.

There’s no indication of a UK release as yet, with the app description simply saying that it will be available in “some markets”, although these aren’t named.

Microsoft is still yet to reveal a concrete release date for Windows 10 Mobile, with reports earlier this week suggesting that the long-awaited version of Windows 10 for mobile devices is set to arrive “soon”, with some reports even saying it could launch next week.

Microsoft is bringing a range of updates and improvements to Windows 10 Mobile, including the all-new Microsoft Edge web browser, and Windows Hello, which allows users to sign into their devices using face and iris recognition software.

Initial previews of the software released to users back in December were met with extremely negative feedback, however, with many reporting that said that it failed to install or, if they could get it installed, caused an error massage about a lack of storage no matter how much free space was available.

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