TalkTalk Connects First Businesses To 1Gbps FTTP In York


TalkTalk plans to open up ultra broadband to more customers in January once trial is completed

TalkTalk has connected the first businesses to its fibre to the premise (FTTP) network in York, offering speeds of up to 1Gbps.

The rollout is part of a network trial and TalkTalk will open up its ultra broadband service to more customers in January. So far, it claims to have laid enough fibre to support 1,800 homes and businesses in the Rawcliffe, Clifton, Huntington and Groves areas of the city.

TalkTalk Ultra broadband

Charles Bligh TalkTalk (1)TalkTalk is offering the 1Gbps service for £21.70 a month to consumers and £25 a month for SMBs, including line rental – the same price it charges for copper and cheaper than superfast broadband.

Businesses get inclusive UK landline and mobile calls, four static IP addresses, a ‘super router’ and free installation, but must sign a two year contract.

“Today is further demonstration of our on-going commitment to delivering pure, ultrafast fibre in the UK,” said Charles Bligh, TalkTalk Business managing director (pictured). “A select number of businesses and homes in York will now be able to test just how revolutionary this step change in connectivity can be.”

Openreach alternative

The network is being built by a joint-venture between TalkTalk, Sky and CityFibre and if successful, the model could be expanded to as many as ten million properties across the UK, creating an alternative to BT’s infrastructure

Although TalkTalk has ambitions to cover 60 percent of the UK with FTTP, right now it says it is focused exclusively on making the York joint-venture a success and to test out network design principles, engineering processes and deployment economics.

Nationwide expansion is dependent on the cost of connecting each premise coming under £500 and the combined market share between the partners reaching 40 percent.

One way it is reducing costs is through a ‘micro-trenching’ tool which creates small precision holes that can be easily filled back up again. Work can be carried out on the pavement, eliminating the need for lengthy street closures, which are among the most costly and complex parts of FTTP deployments.

The aim of the project is for the partners to reduce their dependency on the Oprenreach fibre network, which TalkTalk says is too dominant and that the superfast broadband market is not as competitive as copper.

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