iPass Wi-Fi Network Grows To 50m With Devicescape Integration

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iPass says its business Wi-Fi network now covers two thirds of the world’s public hotspots

iPass says its Wii-Fi network will cover two thirds of the world’s public wireless hotspots once the integration of Devicescape’s 20 million curated access points is completed.

The two companies have reached a deal to double the number of hotspots available through iPass to 50 million by the end of the current quarter.

iPass does not own any hotspots itself and instead agrees partnerships with various providers to offer businesses a single log-in and billing service that promises to make it easier and cheaper to use wireless Internet services around the world.

It says its new expanded footprint will make it the largest Wi-Fi network in the world, covering the vast majority of the estimated 78 million public hotspots in operation around the globe.

iPass Devicescape

Wireless broadband, Wi-Fi © 24Novembers, Shutterstock 2012“Coupled with our developing product features offering invisible connectivity, our alliance with Devicescape is significant not only in moving iPass customers closer to ubiquitous connectivity, but also in setting the stage for global Wi-Fi accessibility for the Internet of Things,” boasted iPass CEO Gary Griffiths.

“With a global population of over 7 billion data-hungry people, and estimates of over 28 billion smart devices in use by 2020, seamless global connectivity delivered via a standard format and user experience will be fundamental. In the last five months, the combination of iPass Unlimited, Everywhere and Invisible has put us well in the lead in this global race, and we’re only getting started.”

Devicescape’s Curated Virtual Network (CVN) is populated by suitable hotspots detected through crowdsourcing. Whenever Devicescape detects a new hotspot, it is assessed for quality of experience, availability and seamless authentication. If the access point meets Devicescape’s standards, it is added to the CVN.

The company says its “carrier-grade” Wi-Fi network can be used by mobile operators and businesses to improve capacity and boost indoor signal. One of Devicescape’s UK customers is Virgin Media, which uses the CVN to strengthen its Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO).

“Today’s end users just want connectivity — and a network of 50 million hotspots offers connectivity on a truly extraordinary scale,” added Dave Fraser, CEO Devicescape. “We are thrilled to be contributing our Curated Virtual Network to an undertaking of such ambition.

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