Survey: Who Will Benefit From The IoT Revolution?


We want to hear your views about the IoT and give you access to exclusive research on one of the biggest trends in technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the biggest and fastest developing trends in technology, with the capability to transform how we live, work and play.

Even the most mundane of everyday objects, such as washing machines, will become connected but the scope for change in the world of business is huge.

Internet of Things

IoT deviceSensors and connected systems will make factories more efficient and open up new markets, while local governance could be changed forever with smart traffic systems, refuse collections and other services creating smart cities and even smart countries.

But who will benefit from this trend? Which companies will deliver the products and technology to make the IoT a reality? Who will benefit most from this revolution – device manufacturers, telcos, cloud providers? What are the biggest barriers to IoT adoption?

We want to know what you, with your valuable insights into the industry, think about these trends in our latest survey. And, we’ll be happy to share with you the results of our exclusive research.

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