Ten Reasons Why Nexus One Could Out-Sell The iPhone


Google’s Nexus One could be the first device to give the Apple iPhone a run for its money, mainly because it comes from another well-respected company and is not tied to a single US operator

5. The iPhone isn’t perfect

The iPhone might reign supreme in the market, but it’s not perfect by any means. The device still has a suspect virtual keyboard. It lacks availability on other US operators’ networks. And it generally fails to appeal to the enterprise. Those are major problems that we can’t forget about when evaluating the Nexus One’s chances of beating the iPhone. There are chinks in Apple’s armor. Google just needs to exploit them.

6. Droid is helping

If nothing else, Droid has helped put Google’s Android platform on the map. Prior to its release, Android was well known in tech circles, but it wasn’t so popular in the mainstream. With the Droid’s help, the mobile operating system is now relatively well known to many consumers. That should help Google sell more Nexus One devices, since potential customers will generally know what to expect from the device’s OS.

7. Google fully understands the consumer

From a corporate perspective, Google understands what the consumer really wants. The company has made billions of dollars evaluating its users, measuring the competition’s effectiveness, and delivering a product that combines simplicity and usability in one package. It has become a staple of Google’s offerings. Why should the Nexus One be any different?

8. It could change everything

Part of the appeal of the Nexus One is its potential to change the mobile industry forever. For the first time, a well-known, mainstream device will be offered sans operator. If users flock to the device, it might just cause Apple and other competitors to follow suit and make devices available on multiple networks. The Nexus One could set the new norm in the US mobile industry.

9. The right design means everything 

Judging by the pictures, Google seems to know what a “new-age” mobile phone should look like. The Nexus One features a sleek exterior, a big, vibrant display, and a footprint that should appeal to those who like to keep their phones in a pocket. At first glance, the Nexus One reminds me of the iPhone with its attention to detail. Once consumers pick it up, I think they’ll have the same feeling.

10. Apple still hasn’t targeted the enterprise

Although more enterprise-friendly applications have made their way to Apple’s App Store of late, the hardware company still has a long way to go before it can say that the iPhone is adequately appealing to enterprise needs. That could be an opening for Google. If it engages in the right strategy (an unlocked phone is a great first step, by the way), it could move into the business world, capturing market share away from Apple and RIM. If it’s successful in that space, it might only be a matter of time before it enjoys similar success in the consumer market.

The Nexus One has outstanding potential. Now, Google needs to ensure that it makes the right moves to make it a success.