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Windows Phone: What can you remember about Microsoft’s mobile operating system?

Last week, BBC said it was going to kill off the iPlayer application for Windows Phone because of cost reasons.

Basically, it didn’t see the point of maintaining a client for an aging platform that was only used by a handful of people when Windows 10 users could access iPlayer via the Microsoft Edge browser.

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Given the BBC is obligated to ensure its services are available to anyone who wants them no matter that platform they opt for, it was a sign of the demise of Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

Windows Phone 7 and 8 were well received but struggled to gain any serious traction apart from in Europe and in the mid-range market. Nokia handsets were also critically acclaimed, but the absence of key applications and the dominance of Android and iOS meant the writing was on the wall.

The platform has since been superseded by Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft’s one operating system to rule them all.

But we thought it was time to remember Windows Phone so…

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