Top 10 Android Alternatives To The Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has called time on its blighted Galaxy Note 7 after a recall process couldn’t solve the problem of the smartphone’s battery pack catching fire.

Sadly, the Galaxy Note 7 was heralded as one of the best Android smartphones around, so its demise leaves a gap for another handset to take the title. We have a rundown of the top ten Android smartphones you can get today.

10. Samsung Galaxy Note 5

While the Galaxy Note 7 may be consigned to the fiery bowels of phone battery Hell, its predecessor the Galaxy Note 5 was less hot and bothered.

So if you’re after a phablet-sized phone from the Korean tech giant, and are willing to sacrifice external storage, a nippier processor and better firmware updates, then the Galaxy Note 5 is not a bad bet.

9. Huawei P9

Sporting a rather fetching svelte design that houses a full HD 5.2 inch display, the Huawei P9 is a flagship phone at a reasonable price, coming in a shade under £400 SIM-free.

For the money you get a powerful smartphone with 32GB of RAM which was one of the first to have a dual-sensor rear 12MP camera array, courtesy of a partnership with Leica, designed to make the Huawei P9 capable of capturing better pictures than one would normally suspect from a phone.

8. LG G5

LG’s flagship G5 handset is one of the first consumer-ready modular smartphones offering easily removable battery packs, physical camera control and Hi-Fi audio. In a market where smartphones have become fairly generic, the LG G5 seems fairly innovative.

Modular chops aside, the LG G5 is a solid top-of-the-line handset, offering a 5.3 inch screen with a QHD display, powerful processor in the form of the Snapdragon 820, and  a dual-lens camera. Slow sales of the LG G5 have seen the price drop to around £420 SIM free.

7. Sony Xperia Z5

Sony hasn’t had overwhelming success in the smartphone world, but its Xperia Z5 has been a triumph for the company. The angular glass-backed design might not appeal to everyone but it gives the impression that Sony has a premium device with the Xperia z5.

Into its body, Sony has packed the Xperia Z5 with a 5.2 inch full HD display, finger print scanner, and near-field communication (NFC). Waterproofing also means the smartphone can happily survive if you need to use Google Maps or respond to an email on a wet British summer day. For those with deeper pockets, the Xperia Z5 Premium offers a sharp 4K display.

6. Moto G4

While the Galaxy Note 7 may have been a top smartphone, it was also far from cheap; the Moto G4 sets the standard for affordable smartphones that don’t compromise too much on features and performance.

For around the £150 mark, you can get a smartphone with a sizable 5.5 inch full HD display, decent performance, a good 13MP camera, dual SIM card capacity, and for stock Android, which avoids and third-party software interfaces from getting in the way of Google’s Material Design language.

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