Tech Quiz: SMS Acronyms And Abbreviations

What do u know abt txt abbreviations and acronyms?

Last week, our quiz focussed on the history of mobile messaging, from SMS to WhatsApp.

But this week saw the news that Vodafone could be set to pull its pager messaging service. These devices promise long battery life, high reliability and wide coverage. But like SMS there was a need to save characters and time with abbreviations and acronyms.

Mac OS X Yosemite SMS

Which got us reminiscing and thinking about SMS language or ‘text speak’. For many, the arrival of T9 dictionaries, QWERTY keyboards, touchscreen displays and unlimited texts heralded the end of the phenomenon which had been accused of ‘dumbing down’ our language.

But Twitter’s arrival and the perpetual need to save time has kept it alive.

So our quiz this week tests your knowledge. See what you can remember and whether you’re down with the kids in 2017

So try our quiz!