Three Quarters Of Silicon Readers Want A Nokia 3310

Silicon poll shows Nokia 3310 appeal extends beyond the campsite to the boardroom

At the turn of the Millennium it might have been normal to see a businessman or IT professional carry a Nokia 3310 in their pocket, it was after all highly desirable, compact and had Snake II for the commute. 

But 17 years is an extremely long time in mobile. Not only has the smartphone made the mobile phone barely recognisable from the Nokia devices released in 2000, the division that created them has all but ceased to exist. 

Tales in Tech History: The Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 Poll

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So when Nokia, and its partners HMD Global, showed off the revived Nokia 3310 at Mobile World Congress (MWC) there appeared to be little to attract the business buyer.  

Or so we thought. 

Three quarters (73.7 percent) of Silicon readers say they want the revived handset which, let’s reiterate, has no touchscreen and no Internet connectivity. Are they crazy, or do they yearn for a simpler time with long battery life and a numeric keypad? Or perhaps it’s just testament to the lasting appeal of Snake? 

Whatever it is, we at Silicon are siding with the remaining 26.3 percent who said no…for now. 

In our next poll we want to hear if you want 4G coverage on the tube. You can enter by clicking here.

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