Poll: What Mobile OS Do You Use At Work?


iOS? Android? Windows? Bada? What mobile operating system do you use at work? Let us know!

Earlier this week, Microsoft all but admitted it had stopped working on new features and hardware for Windows 10 Mobile.

It said it had simply been unable to attract enough developers to create the most popular applications that would in turn attract converts from iOS and Android.


What mobile Os do you use?

However Microsoft’s operating system chief Joe Belfiore did confirm it would continue to support businesses that had deployed the platform in the workplace.

And in our interview with the company’s head of enterprise mobility Brad Anderson, he said that 90 percent of the devices managed by its enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform were non-Windows.

So it got us thinking. What mobile OS do you use at work? We want to know, so vote in the poll below and we’ll share the results on Silicon very soon!

Which mobile operating system do you use?

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