IFA 2017: The Most Important (And Weird) Innovations From The Show


New smartphones, wearables, washing machines, and, er, pet feeders. What went down at IFA 2017?


Motorola X4 

Despite a short break on the Moto X front, Motorola is bringing the popular smartphone back into the limelight. The X4, which fits into the company’s mid-range bracket, comes with a new dual camera setup, a metal and glass design, a 5.2-inch display and handsfree support for Amazon’s virtual assistant technology Alexa. It’ll launch in Europe this September with a price tag of €399, before making its way to America later this year. 


Hair drying helmet  

Although there have been some pretty mainstream announcements at IFA 2017 so far, there have also been some more weird offerings at the same time. If you think hair dryers aren’t enough, then you’ll want to check out the Profi Care Hair Dryer Hood. The hood comes packed with 400 watts of power and two temperature settings. Of course, it’s a pretty bizarre bit of innovation, but it’s also a lazy way to dry your hair.  


Pet treat dispenser  

There’s no forgetting your furry friends, either. Powbo is another bizarre announcement, a smart home camera that lets you check what your pets are up to and speak to them while you’re out and about. If they do get up to mischief, you can use the built-in laser pointer to distract them, and you can even reward them with treats should they actually behave. These are stored in a draw that opens on command.  

double chin remover

Double chin toner 

If you’re a bit conscious about your double chin, you’ll be happy to learn that there’s no a technology-based solution. The Rio toner provides you with three 60 second programmes to tone your next and chin, with the aim of targeting extra fat. It makes use of electrical muscle stimulation, and you should aim to use it on a daily basis if you want to see results. Obviously, there’s no saying if it actually works, but it’s certainly worth a try.  


Star Wars AR experience 
Bit of a Star Wars fan? Then you’re going to love this announcement. Lenovo has teamed up with Disney to unveil Jedi Challenges, which is a new augmented reality experience letting fans experience the sci-fi movie in new ways. The experience features a smartphone-powered Lenovo Mirage AR headset, a tracking beacon, a lightsaber controller and Star Wars gameplay. It’s compatible with both Android and iPhone smartphones, and will launch before Christmas (obviously). 


Western Digital launches 400GB Micro SD card  

When it comes to buying a gadget, memory is something most of us think about. However, micro SD cards have always been a great way of boosting storage if a device lacks it. And they’re constantly getting better and better. Two years ago, Western Digital announced the record-breaking 200GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC card. Now it’s gone better and doubled the capacity to 400GB within the same compact form factor. And with the launch of the SanDisk iXpand Base, the company has taken the time to expand its line-up of iPhone mobile storage solutions. 

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