Apple Prepares To Unveil A More Petite iPhone


New device will offer iPhone 6 features in iPhone 5 case with a 4-inch screen

Apple is expected to unveil a smaller iPhone on Monday at a much anticipated launch event.

The iPhone SE, rumoured to be the name of the new phone, is said to be a 4-inch device geared towards fans of Apple’s relatively small two-year-old iPhone 5S and 5C, and is unlikely to boast much in the way of technological advancements.

Lower price

At what should be a considerably lower price than the iPhone 6, the iPhone SE will no doubt also prove popular in emerging markets.

iPhone 5SChris Caso, analyst with Susquehanna International Group, said: “It will really just replace the 5S at the low end of the lineup. The 5S is getting a bit old now and won’t run the operating system that well for much longer.”

Apple sold more than 231 million iPhones in 2015 but in January 2016 revealed that quarterly sales look set to decline for the first time in more than 10 years.

Industry analysts have predicted that Apple will shift about 15 million iPhone SEs per year, though.

As well as the new iPhone, we could also see new Apple Watch models and designs, as well as a smaller iPad Pro model or iPad Air 3, launched at next week’s event.

Apple fans will have to wait another six months until Apple lifts the lid on the iPhone 7 – the device expected to offer an array of as yet unknown features.

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