Alexa-Powered Amazon Echo Spot ‘Smart Clock’ Launches In UK Next Week

Amazon's Echo Spot smart speaker. Amazon

Amazon expands Echo range as it looks to maintain smart home dominance

The Echo Spot, Amazon’s latest Alexa-powered smart device, will be released in the UK later this month as the company continues its bid for smart home dominance. 

The 2.5-inch circular device is primarily intended as an alarm clock or to be a smaller stablemate of the Echo Show, which is larger and more expensive. 

Users can watch videos, play music, see commute and weather information and even set an alarm on the unit’s display. Amazon also thinks people might use it in the kitchen so they can see recipe information or set timers while cooking. 

Amazon Echo Spot 

The Echo Spot has four microphones and enhanced noise cancellation so it can hear users from across the room, even when music is playing. 

It is the fifth entry into the Echo range, which now includes the original Amazon Echo, the more powerful Echo Plus and smaller Echo Dot. The Echo Show joined the ranks last year and was the first to offer a display. 

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It is hoped that by offering so many different types of device to cater for various needs, Amazon can establish Alexa as the market leader amid competition from Google Assistant. Google has expanded its own range with the Google Home Mini, but is yet to offer a device with a display. 

It is however working with third party manufacturers, including Lenovo, on smart screens and wireless earbuds, and with car makers to bring Google Assistant to vehicles. 

Smart assistants were one of the main themes of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week. 

The Echo Spot can be pre-ordered now for £119.99 and will be released on 24 January. 

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