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Poll: Would You Use Amazon Echo Or Google Home At Work?

Smart speakers with built-in voice-activated personal assistants were under plenty of trees this Christmas as people sought to make the lives of friend an family easier.

I mean who doesn’t want to switch the lights off or change the television channel without having to lift a finger?

Amazon and Google lead the way with their Echo and Home ranges, but Apple will get in on the act soon with the HomePod and Microsoft’s Cortana is also on the scene.

And there are ambitions to conquer the workplace too. Amazon has opened up Alexa to businesses and only this week there was talk of using the platform to help police solve crimes.

However there are a number of concerns about the use of the technology. For example, what happens if attackers are able to eavesdrop on sensitive conversations?

And given that all data is sent to data centres outside the UK, what does that mean for data sovereignty and compliance?

There is also the debate as to whether these assistants are actually easier to use than conventional tools.

But what about you? Would you use a smart assistant in your business? Let us know.

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Steve McCaskill

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