Samsung Boosts Multitasking With ePoP For Smartphones


ePoP memory modules go into mass production for Samsung’s high-end kit

Samsung is now mass producing its embedded package on package (ePoP) memory for smartphones. ePoPs are single memory packages that are made up of dynamic RAM (DRAM), an embedded multi-media card (eMMC), and a controller.

Samsung said that by using ePoP, it can build better designed phones with increased multitasking abilities. The South Korean firm started using ePoP last year in its wearable devices range.

Samsung expects to provide its customers with significant design benefits

Samsung’s memory SVP Jeeho Baek said: “By offering our new high-density ePoP memory for flagship smartphones, Samsung expects to provide its customers with significant design benefits, while enabling faster and longer operation of multi-tasking features.

“We plan to expand our line-up of ePoP memory with packages involving enhancements in performance and density over the next few years, to further add to the growth of premium mobilesamsung market.”

Samsung plans to use ePoP in its high-end smartphones, and said that the components can be stacked directly on top of the mobile processor, without taking any additional space – a “distinct improvement over existing two-package eMCP memory solutions”.

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