Cloud Storage Platforms StreamNation And Shutter To Shut Down

Deezer co-founder’s cloud startup to focus on new ‘Project Noah’ as StreamNation axed because of slow uploads

Cloud storage platform StreamNation, created by Deezer co-founder Jonathan Benassava, is to shut down along with companion mobile app Shutter.

Launched in November 2013, StreamNation was a platform that allowed users to stream videos and photos straight from the cloud, and Shutter gave users access to unlimited cloud storage for their media. The camera-cum-storage app originally appeard on iOS, and was later available on Android.

But Benassava, writing on a StreamNation blog post, said that his company bumped into a significant roadblock.


“Thanks to you, we’ve been growing at a steady pace but very early into this venture, we encountered a roadblock. While uploading documents is pretty fast through a normal Internet connection, uploading heavy files takes a lot of time,” wrote Benassava.

streamnation“We tested different solutions to try and overcome this. For a while, we would ship some of our users a hard drive, but we found hard disk drives were unable to sustain more than two deliveries. We also tried to have servers in different data centres across the globe, but while we’ve experienced improved performances, it was not enough.”

The solution? A project called Noah, claims Benassava.

His company started work on Project Noah last year, with the objective of offering the same functionalities as StreamNation, but without having to upload the files.

“Imagine being able to access all of your media from our cloud without having to upload them! Step by step, Project Noah became the focal point of our company,” wrote Benassava.

Project Noah has now reached a “key milestone”, so StreamNation and Shutter will be closed down on March 8.

“We have also decided that it is time to discontinue the development of StreamNation and Shutter,” wrote Benassava.

It was just last January when StreamNation acquired PictureLife, a cloud photo storage service. Interstingly, Benassava has said that PictureLife will continue as a product.

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