Sky Launches Streaming Television Unit, Sky Glass

Look mum, no satellite dish. Sky launches streaming television that doesn’t require a satellite dish or even a set-top box

Sky has announced a bespoke television that will stream television content over fibre broadband lines, instead of using the traditional satellite dish mounted on the side of the house.

Called Sky Glass, the television is being touted as “dramatically simplifying the way customers watch TV by integrating hardware, software and content.”

Traditional television channels have been concerned about the growing uptake of streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+ and even Disney+. And this uptake has only increased during the Coronavirus lockdowns.

Sky Glass

Sky sought to offset the impact of these streaming services via its Sky Mobile app for smartphones, tablets and PCs.

But now the television giant has gone one step further, and is offering a complete television streaming solution, known as Sky Glass.

Available in the UK from 18 October, it is a complete television unit that comes with Sky and other apps included.

Sky says the Glass television comes with “cutting-edge design available in five colours and three sizes,” as well as ultra HD and Quantum Dot technology producing over 1 billion colours. Added in is Dolby Atmos sound that comes with built-in speakers and sub-woofer.

It is also said to be the first television certified as a CarbonNeutral product.

Users can speak to the Sky Glass, using the “Hello Sky” to find what to watch.

“Sky Glass is the streaming TV with Sky inside, providing the total integration of hardware, software and content,” said Dana Strong, group chief executive. “Built on over 30 years of understanding what our customers want, this is a TV that only Sky could make. We believe this is the smartest TV available, and that customers will love it.”

Prices, sizes

Size wise, Sky Glass comes in three sizes, namely small 43”, medium 55” and large 65”.

Colours include ocean blue, ceramic white, racing green, dusky pink, or anthracite black, with matching remotes and customisable speaker fascias for extra personalisation.

A mounting bracket is integrated into the TV, or a colour matched stand is also available.

Sky also said it has made Sky Glass affordable.

Prices start from as little as £13 per month, but a Sky subscription is also required, so factor in an additional £26 for Sky Ultimate TV (which includes HD).

This translates to £39 per month to get the 43” Sky Glass TV. For just £4 more a month the user can increase the size of the TV to a 55”, or £8 more for a 65”.

If buying Sky Glass outright, the smallest 43” Sky Glass will cost £649, the 55” will cost £849 and the 65” will cost £1,049.