Firefox iOS 4.0 Adds Widget Support And Security Features

Firefox for iPhone and iPad lets you access functions quickly from notification centre and override security warnings

Mozilla has added widget support, new search features and security provisions to the iOS version of the Firefox web browser.

Firefox iOS 4.0 is now compatible with the ‘iOS Today’ widget in the notification centre. Users on iPhone and iPad can open copied URLS or open new tabs directly from within the widget, saving time and ensuring rapid access to information.

However this feature is only supported in iOS 9.0 onwards.

Firefox iOS 4.0

Firefox iOS 4.0 2Firefox automatically issues a warning when a website’s connection isn’t secure and prevents users from accessing that particular site. Firefox iOS 4.0 still produces the error message to alert the user that the browser thinks it might be unsafe, but these can be overridden by the user if they consider the destination to be safe.

Other additions include the ability to search bookmarks and history from within the smart URL bar and the browser will now sync upon exit.

“We’re always focused on making the best Firefox experience we can offer,” said Mozilla. “We want to give you complete control over your web experience, while also making sure to protect your privacy and security the best we can. Today, we’re pleased to share an update to Firefox for iOS that gives you a more streamlined experience and that allows for more control over your mobile browsing experience.”

The first version of Firefox iOS was released at the back end of last year, offering many of the same features as other mobile and desktop versions, including tabs, private browsing and the ability to sync history, bookmarks and passwords across multiple devices. It competes with Google Chrome, Opera and Apple’s Safari browser on the platform, the latter of which comes pre-installed.

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