The Essential Download: Twitter Dashboard, VLC, Wimbledon

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Discover the best new, updated and essential apps for your smartphone and tablet

Welcome to the Essential Download, a selection of new, updated and essential applications that will make working on a mobile device simpler, more productive and secure activity. There’s even room for a bit of fun as well.

New and updated

Twitter Dashboard (Android/iOS)

Twitter Dashboard

Last week, Twitter launched an application to make it easier for content creators to use its platform, this week it’s targeting small businesses.

Twitter Dashboard aims to help businesses connect with customers by giving them an overview of what’s being said on the social network, let them schedule Tweets (just like on Hootsuite and others). Being able to engage users and identify praise, or complaints, should help SMBs manage their online presence more easily and effectively – and possible increase revenue.

Google Expeditions (Android/iOS)

Google Expedition

Google’s latest education venture sees its Expeditions Pioneer Program arrive on Android, allowing students to take a virtual trip to more than 200 locations around the world and beyond. Each expedition is supported by immersive content from publishers like Pearson to help pupils learn about coral reefs, Antarctica or even Mars using widely available devices.

The search giant will also offer ‘Expedition kits’ comprising tablets, routers and a Google Cardboard virtual reality (VR) headset. Support for iPad and iPhone is incoming.

VLC (Windows 10)

VLC Windows 10

VLC is of course available for PC and a number of other mobile platforms, but this week the beta version of the Windows 10 universal app hit the Windows Store. It will handle just about every single video format you throw at it and has a range of network features, but there is no DVD or Blu Ray support at present, but it’s not like your Windows Mobile device will have those anyway…

Google Keep (iOS/Android)

Google Keep iPad

Google’s answer to OneNote and Evernote has been updated so it organises your notes by topic. Not only does this make it easier to find your notes later, but it also means you can search by keyword. As with other apps of this ilk, you can store text, lists, photos and audio, and you can categorise notes by colour and labels so you can always have the information you need.

For the commute

Steam (Windows Phone)

Steam Windows Phone

Android and iOS first received an official Steam app back in 2012, but Windows Phone (that’s 8.1, not 10) can now browse the game catalogue, sell in-game items, trade with friends and confirm the security of your account. Of course Windows 10 users can just download the main desktop edition their PC.

The Championships, Wimbledon 2016 (iOS/Android)

Wimbledon 2016 app iPad

The official mobile application of Wimbledon aims to capture the feeling of actually being in SW19, with scores, draws and stats from the most famous tennis tournament in the world. Also included are video highlights and live radio commentary.

This year’s new features include the ability to plan your visit in advance by entering the date of your planned visit and if you’ve been to the All England Club before. Visitors are also invited to ‘share their story’ with images and video as social media becomes increasingly important to organisers.

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