Google To Sunset Gmail’s Basic HTML View In 2024

Another Google product is being sunsetted, with the simple version of its Gmail service set for retirement in early 2024

Alphabet’s Google has confirmed that the basic HTML version of the Gmail service will be axed in 2024.

Google announced in a support document that the stripped down version of Gmail will be switched off in January 2024. People still using the basic version will be switched to the ‘Standard’ Gmail interface that is used by most people.

Gmail’s basic HTML version was designed so it could be loaded more quickly than the much more modern ‘Standard’ version of Gmail, that offers additional features such as a spellchecker, chat, importing of contacts, keyboard shortcuts, and support for rich text format etc.

Standard Gmail User Interface

Basic HTML Gmail

Besides faster loading, the basic or stripped-down HTML version of Gmail was also suitable for outdated PCs, laptops and mobile phones that utilise slower internet connections.

For example, the basic HTML version of Gmail was a useful option for people utilising slow 3G connections.

3G mobile networks of course are being switched off in many countries at the moment.

Earlier this month BT, the owner of the EE mobile division, announced it will commence a nationwide 3G switch off in January 2024 and plans to complete the process by March 2024.

BT Confirms 3G Network Switch Off Will Begin January 2024

The basic version of Gmail was also designed to run in legacy browsers.

Retired products

Google of course has retired or sunsetted many products over the years.

In June 2022 it announced that its messaging service, Google Hangouts would be sunsetted later in 2022.

Google Hangouts had been designed as an instant-messaging app operating across multiple platforms for its shut down social network platform Google+.

Prior to that in February 2022 it was announced that Google Currents (formerly known as Google+) was to wound down, with Spaces taking its place.

Google has shut down products such as its RSS reader, Wave, and other projects such as Google Code.

More recently Google retired its Pixel Pass phone upgrade program and Nest Secure.