Google Play Will Warn Against Ad-Supported Apps

Google continues to add new features to its app marketplace following in-app purchase guidance warnings

Google is hoping to help Android users avoid software packed with adverts with a new set of developer guidelines.

Developers will now have to declare if their app contains adverts during the Google Play app submission process so users can be informed.

Tagging of apps must be completed by 11 January and the new definitions will become active early next year. Any developer providing false information could see their apps banned from the marketplace.


mobile appsThe news comes from website Droid Life, which gained access to an email Google sent out to its developers laying out the new guidelines.

Google had announced an “ad-supported” tag back in April for its Designed for Families program, which looked to provide a child-friendly interface to Google Play.

Google Play has come under fire several times this year after it was found to be hosting potentially harmful apps.

Back in February, 10 apps were removed from app store after they were found to be packed full of aggressive adware which either installed additional apps that incorporated even more ads, or subscribed users to premium-rate numbers using scareware messages.

This came just weeks after three other apps were pulled after they were found to be infected with adware that had already been downloaded millions of times, including one, card game app Durak, which had been downloaded 10 million times.

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