The Essential Download: Windows 10, Prisma, BT Sport

Discover the best new, updated and essential apps for your iOS, Android or Windows 10 smartphone and tablet

Welcome to the Essential Download, a selection of new, updated and essential applications that will make working on a mobile device simpler, more productive and secure activity. There’s even room for a bit of fun as well.

New and updated

Windows 10


If you are reading this on 29 July, today is the last day you can upgrade your device for free. Windows 10 has too many upsides and downsides to list here but if you’re still on the fence you can read our review.

The first major upgrade for the operating system to end all operating systems, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, is set to roll out on 2 August. More of which you can find out below.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update: Everything you need to know

Prisma (iOS / Android)

Prisma iOS

Prisma is the latest app to change the way smartphone users share photos. Wheras Snapchat offers crude stickers, text and face swap alterations and Instagram classy filers, Prisma uses artificial intelligence to turn images into a work of art.

It debuted on iOS a few weeks ago and has proved wildly popular but is now available on Android, complete with new filters. This is not only good news for photo fans who don’t have an iPhone, but also IT managers who might be concerned at malicious applications masquerading as Prisma, as we have seen with Pokemon Go.

Firefox for iOS

Firefox iOS 5.0 Custom Search

Firefox only debuted on iPhone and iPad late last year but Mozilla is already on version 5.0. The latest update promises to use 40 percent less processing power and 30 percent less battery – making it quicker and more power effieicent to surf the mobile web. It also had a new menu, custom search engines and improved tab options.

Microsoft Pix (iOS)

Microsoft Pix iOS

There was once a time when Microsoft apps would only ever appear on its own platforms, now it can’t stop releasing cross-platform software. It’s latest release is Pix, a camera app that promises to make your photos better by using artificial intelligence to automatically adjust settings such as exposure and colour, take multiple photos and pick the best of the bunch. Pix can also take short looping videos but only when interesting motion, such as a running river, is detected.

Viber (Windows 10)

Viber Windows 10

VoIP and messaging app Viber is now finally on Windows 10. A beta version of the Rakuten-owned app was released last month but now has the full complement of features, including video calls, mobile calls and even support for Microsoft’s voice activated personal assistant Cortana. Viber also supports live tiles and lets you access chats from the Start Menu.

For the commute

BT Sport (iOS/Android/Windows 10)

BT Sport iOS

BT Sport has received its first major upgrade since the app was first released in 2013. A visual refresh and tidy up is the order of the day, with Premier League matches given the same enhanced match player as Champions League and Europa League matches were given last season.

BT has also promised to purge the bugs that have afflicted previous versions and says streaming should be a lot more reliable. This is just as well given the app is about to get a lot more popular. EE mobile customers will be able to access BT Sport for six months absolutely free and then for £5 a month after.

The updates only apply to the iOS and Android versions of the application. TechWeekEurope has contacted BT to see if Windows 10 is going to see some love soon.

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