AI Powered Mei Messaging App Arrives On iOS

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Crush Analyser. Messaging app that includes an AI assistant to improve personal relationships, arrives on iOS

Mei claims it is the world’s first mobile messaging app that includes an AI assistant designed to improve your personal relationships, has arrived for iOS users.

Until now Mei (pronounced ‘May’) has only been available on the Android platform, where it gained popularity as an upgrade to the default SMS messaging option, thanks to the inclusion of its AI ‘relationship assistant.’

The developers say the Mei AI assistant gives the user real-time intelligence as they chat with other people. For example this means, the developers say, the app will be able to tell you if someone likes the user from their WhatsApp conversations.

Crush Analyser

Once it is downloaded, the user’s can decide whether to turn on the AI assistant. The app’s AI then exports a conversation that has at least 100 words from the contact.

It then will use its neural networks to compare text messages to its database of texts from millions of conversations where people have already labelled as romantic or not.

The AI assistant provides a score (0-100 percent) of how likely it is that the contact has a crush on the user. If the AI assistant picks up on personality differences, it will even give some advice on how the user is different and what he or she could do to bridge the gap.

The other person does not need the app installed for it to be able to analyse this.

Mei also analyses messaging patterns, so it can remind the user to message Mum if they had forgotten.

Users pay a flat fee of $9, and the Mei app carries out no adverts. #

It also offers default features such as data messaging (free international chats) and end-to-end encryption. Advanced texting features includes scheduling, disappearing and expiring messages, dual SIM, folders, labels, unique personalisation (colours and themes), and polling.

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