10 Of The Best Messaging Apps

We’ve picked out 10 of the best messaging apps to help you stay connected

4. Voxer

Voxer is one of the new gen of 'walkie talkie' apps
Voxer is one of the new gen of ‘walkie talkie’ apps

Voxer is what is known as a ‘walkie-talkie’ app in that it allows you to send an instant voice or multimedia message to a contact, with the push of a button.

If their phone is turned on and the app is running, the message is played through their speakers, or if not, it is received as a recorded message like a voicemail.

Along with this feature, Voxer allows the standard text and photo messaging, VOIP calling, and group messaging. Voxer is free for individuals but a business version is also available with extra features for a fee.