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Looking for that perfect word processing app to help keep you writing on the go? We’ve picked out our 10 favourites

Got that big report coming up? Need to sketch out some ideas for a business proposal? Finally thought of the plot for the Great American Novel while on the train home? Don’t wait until you get your hands on your computer – instead, simply download a word processing app that enables you to write wherever, whenever.

Here are ten of the best options when it comes to app-based word processing.

1. Google Docs

One of the major movers in the word processor world, this platform prides itself on its collaboration feature – multiple users can create and edit a single document at the same time. Now complete with spellcheck and Touch ID support, it’s a fine app that lets you work at any time, even without an Internet connection.

2. My Writing Desk

An efficient app that puts the focus on the document itself, My Writing Desk markets itself as a distraction-free and minimalist writing space. Stocked with the typical features that you’d expect from a word processor – auto-correct, printing options, fast text search – it also possesses unlimited, re-orderable folders, light and dark lighting modes, and a strong and inventive array of fonts in various sizes. A new contender in the word processor app world.

3. Smart Office 2

Although it costs £7.99, Artifex’s creation will appeal to those who are looking for a word processor that thinks outside the box. Enabling pinch-zoom of documents, it comes stocked with such features as ‘N-up’ – which displays and permits easy navigation across multiple pages of a document – and even 3D document viewing. Bonus points are awarded on account of its availability on both iOS and Android.

 4. 1Writer

Another app that puts functionality above flashiness, 1Writer offers the kind of basic features you’d expect from a word processor while also providing a whole host of advanced features that’ll make your writing job a whole lot easier. Stocked with capabilities to facilitate iCloud Drive and Dropbox, it also includes an in-app web browser to aid research, a darker background theme for reading and writing at night, and JavaScript support. A powerful text editor.

 5. OfficeSuite Pro 8

A popular option for Android users, given its purported installation on more than 120 million devices in 205 countries worldwide. Marketing itself primarily on its ability to create, edit and share Microsoft Office documents – plus a compatibility to display PDFs – its Pro version offers a ream of new features, including security protection, saving to PDF, and an ad-free interface.

 6. Werdsmith

Pun-tastic name aside, Werdsmith sells itself as the perfect writing companion for your mobile device that you can use anywhere and at any time. With a cloud-backed support system in place, writers can rest assured that their creations won’t suddenly disappear. Unique features include a sharing system that offers you the opportunity to get feedback from friends and fellow users and build a portfolio, plus the ‘motivation’ feature: you can set your own writing schedule to make sure you pick up the virtual pen every day.

 7. Hanx Writer

Created by a Tom Hanks (probably not that Tom Hanks), the USP of this app is its typewriter interface, recreating the experience of using a manual typewriter, it’s an app that will help you unlock your inner Kerouac by returning to basics (or not, because you’ll be using your tablet). Fitted with modern innovations like the ability to email and share your work, and the inclusion of the all-important ‘DELETE’ key missing from actual typewriters. It even comes with the traditional sounds of a typewriter to accompany you as you work.

 8. Pages

You’ll probably already be aware of this app, but Apple’s word processor for iPad is still very much worth mentioning in this list. It may even be worth actually exploring this app first before trying any other options, as it’s a highly-functional and accessible service that’ll help get the job done. Packed with attractive template features, recognisable word processor tools, and an iCloud sharing function, it’s an intelligent and highly-useful app that is well worth considering.

 9. WPS

Touted as Android’s most popular office app, WPS provides users with the ability to view and edit Office documents, presentations and spreadsheets on any Android device. Compatible with nearly every word processing mode, WPS is an essential addition to any Android device, particularly as it has no problem translating any kind of formatting onto its platform. Also stocked with the ability to share and collaborate, it’s comparable with the kind of service offered by the equally-admirable Google Docs app.

 10. Microsoft Word

Finally released on the App Store in November last year after much to-ing and fro-ing, Microsoft made the processor that you’ve all been using since birth, available for all Apple devices capable of running iOS 7 or higher. The familiar, welcoming embrace of its formatting options and typefaces will be reassuring, while other members of the Office family are also available for download. An Office 365 subscription will boost your options, enabling you to sync your documents from various devices.

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