Microsoft Is Letting Windows Phone Be (For Now)

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Lack of focus on smartphones evident at Microsoft Build as company focuses attention elsewhere in 2016

Windows Phone was conspicuous by its absence during the Build 2016 opening keynote last night, making only a single appearance to show off a demo of Skype for Business.

So does this mean that Microsoft’s future lies away from mobile, at least for the time being?


azureMicrosoft replied to TechWeekEurope’s request with a firm ‘no comment’, however the company’s Terry Myerson seemed to suggest that mobile is not a key concern right now.

“We’re fully committed to that 4-inch screen, there will be a time for it to be our focus, but right now it’s part of the family but it’s not the core of where I hope to generate developer interest over the next year,” Myerson told The Verge.

“There’s no lack of recognition to realise how important that form factor is, but for Microsoft with Windows and for our platform it’s the wrong place for us to lead.

“If you wanted to reach a lot of phone customers, Windows Phone isn’t the way to do it. f you want to reach a lot of Windows customers, then this is the largest install base of 9 to 30-inch screens. If you wanted to do new and exciting things, then the Xbox and HoloLens is the place to have a discussion.

“We’re going to do some cool things with phones, but this year phones are an important part of our family but not the tip of the spear.”

Microsoft has been developing own mobile-focused version of the operating system for some time now, but the launch of Windows 10 Mobile had been delayed by several high profile failures in testing. A provision release date  last year was postponed following complaints from users that a preview version highlighted many flaws in the software.

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