Lenovo Phab2 Pro Is First Project Tango Augmented Reality Smartphone

lenovo phab2 pro project tango

The new Phab2 Pro is the first smartphone to feature Google’s Project Tango AR software

Lenovo’s Phab2 Pro smartphone will deliver Augmented Reality (AR) to the palm of users’ hands thanks to Google’s Project Tango.

Project Tango uses 3D mapping technologies to place itself in the real world, and will be seen on a smartphone for the first time when Lenovo’s device goes on sale.


lenovo phab2 pro project tangoLenovo sees a wide range of potential uses for Project Tango in its devices, listing examples ranging from interactive classroom learning, in-depth gaming experiences and even architecture.

The latter could be particularly useful in terms of interior design, as Tango technology looks to revolutionise the way people think about mapping indoor spaces, allowing the creation of experiences such as museum tours or the recreation of ruined buildings – or even just seeing how a new sofa will look in your living room.

“Put simply, we wanted to take what was an amazing concept and transform it into a commercially viable mobile device,” said Jeff Meredith, vice president and general manager of Android and Chrome computing at Lenovo.

Lenovo Phab2_Pro“From the moment we saw Tango, we knew it could become pervasive, just like GPS. However, to truly make the Phab2 Pro a game-changer, we developed it at an affordable price for mainstream consumers, delivering not just a bleeding-edge phone, but an all-around fantastic phone that’s first to market.”

As for the phone itself, the Phab2 Pro (pictured above) features a 6.4in HD display, and is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 652 processor alongside two 13MP rear cameras and 4G LTE capability.

It will be available globally from September, although there’s no news on a UK specific price or release date yet.

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