iPhone 7 Could Feature Facial Recognition

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Rumoured iPhone 7 technology could enhance security, with new functions set to be controlled by users facial expressions

The iPhone 7 may come with facial recognition technology which will help with keeping the device secure.

Tech website Design & Trend said that the facial recognition may even replace the Touch ID home button.

iPhone 7: face detection and recognition

Back in 2013, Apple filed a patent for “Personal computing device control using face detection and recognition”.

The technology goes one step further than Android’s facial unlock features and reportedly lets

iphone 7
The iPhone 6 uses a biometric fingerprint scanner

the user control the phone through varying facial expressions following a facial recognition unlock.

The technology could also add more security benefits such as answering a call by looking at your phone, and only displaying certain content such as texts and photos to users who pass the facial recognition security barrier.

Late last year, iPhone 7 rumours posted by China Topix suggested that the iPhone 7 could hit stores in September 2015 with a 5-inch screen. Apple will also rid the device of bezels, meaning the entire face of the phone will be the screen. This means, while the phone will physically be the same size, the screen real estate increases.

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