The iPhone 6S Could Feature Some Seriously Powerful Cameras

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Reports claim new Apple device will pack in upgraded front and rear lenses

Apple’s next iPhone could have the most powerful camera seen on an iOS device, according to reports.

The rumoured iPhone 6S, reportedly set for release later this year, will look to target selfie fans with a front camera sporting 1080p video, 240fps capture at 720p, and a flash, according to developer Hamza Hood.

This comes alongside other reports that suggest the device will feature dual-camera technology for the rear lens, as consumers call for higher detail and richer photos.

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HTC One M8 Featured (2)This latter report comes from South Korean publication ET News, which points to increased demand for smartphone camera modules and parts as a sign that future flagship devices will feature bumped-up photo capabilities.

So far, only HTC has included the feature in its devices, most notably in the HTC One M8 smartphone, (pictured left) which combined a 4.1MP Ultrapixel camera with a depth sensor, allowing for sharper images and effects, such as the ability to change the focus of a photo after its been taken.

Apple has made some prior indications it could be moving towards dual-camera technology, especially since having bought Linx Computational Imaging last April.

The Israeli company has developed special sensor and image processor technologies, which is why Apple chose to buy this company to secure dual-camera technologies according to experts’ analysis. Multi-aperture imaging combination technology is needed to raise dual-camera’s performance.

If past release cycles are to be believed, Apple may well announce at least one new mobile device later this year, possibly in September.

This could be the mooted iPhone 6S, or even a budget-friendly iPhone 6C, following the success of the iPhone 5C.

Last month, it was thought that Apple could have potentially leaked the iPhone 6C on its own website, after an unfamiliar device sporting a red plastic back and Touch ID fingerprint reader instead of the regular home button found in previous devices.

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