Hydrogen One Is A £1,200 Android Phone With A ‘Nanotechnology’ Holographic Display

Camera maker RED enters the smartphone fray with an innovative handset

High-end camera company RED is looking to push into the smartphone world with its Hydrogen One, a handset featuring a holographic display for 3D content. 

RED has not revealed a huge amount of core specifications for the Hydrogen One, other than it is an Android smartphone with a 5.7inch display and features a microSD slot and USC Type-C connectivity and a 3.5mm headphone jack. 

Holographic hype  

Hydrogen OneBut the display is being championed as the phone’s unique feature, with a holographic capabilities for displaying 2D, 3D, augmented and virtual reality content without the need for a headset or glasses, 

RED was rather vague in how it will achieve this with claims it will use nanotechnology to switch between different types of content; a proprietary H30 algorithm, is claimed to convert stereo sound into multi-dimensional audio to compliment the 3D and mixed reality content, 

The Hydrogen One is also set to be a modular device, where users should be able to swap certain components of the handset, though RED has yet to reveal what those are to be and none will be available at the launch of the phone,. 

Speaking of the launch, the Hydrogen One is scheduled for release in the fist quarter of 2018, giving RED plenty of time to finesse its smartphone.

However, people keen to get their hands on a handset with a holographic display, will need very deep pockets or at least a credit card with a healthy limit as the Hydrogen One will cost a hefty $1,195 (£925) for a model clad in aluminium and an eye-watering $1,595 (£1,236) for a Titanium model; flagship smartphones already cost a pretty penny, but even Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is nowhere near as pricey as the Hydrogen One

While we can applaud RED for seemingly attempting something innovative with its foray into the smartphone arena, we are not sure that there are many people who would shell out a large sum of money for a holographic display equipped Android phone. 

But, we will have to wait for more details from RED and the release of the Hydrogen One before we can judge if the phone will disrupt the market of fad into obscurity. 

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