Google Is ‘Working’ On Its Own Flagship Android Smartphone

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Google is reportedly preparing to create a flagship Android device that would replace the Nexus range of smartphones

Google is preparing to launch its own flagship smartphone in a bid to capture more of the high-end market for its Android operating system, according to reports.

The Telegraph claims the search giant is in talks with operators and the rumoured handset would replace the Nexus range of devices which are manufactured by other companies like LG, HTC and Samsung but are sold under the Google brand.

It is thought that Google believes to truly challenge the iPhone in the premium segment, it must take a greater role over design, manufacturing and software.

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Project Ara GoogleThe Samsung Galaxy S7 is the de facto flagship, but given the sheer number of Android devices being made by different companies, fragmentation has been a concern.

This is especially true of security. While Google’s Nexus devices receive regular updates, other partners have been much slower. Google is even considering ‘naming and shaming’ manufacturers who do not patch users fast enough.

Google has become more involved with hardware in recent times but has yet to create its own smartphone from scratch. It bought Motorola Mobility for £7.5 billion in 2012, during which a number of devices were released.

However Google’s prime incentive was to acquire Motorola’s patents and strengthen the Android platform against numerous intellectual property (IP) lawsuits. Google’s ownership lasted just 19 months after Motorola was sold to Lenovo for £1.75 billion in January 2014.

Google retained Project Ara, a modular smartphone concept that will see third party manufacturers create different accessories – such as cameras, sensors and storage – for customised handsets.

Google had not responded to TechWeekEurope’s requests for comment at the time of publication.

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