Citroën Equips Its Dealers With Samsung Tablets

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429 dealers across France get new devices

French car manufacturer Citroën has signalled a move towards paperless working by providing a number of its dealerships with tablet devices.

The company has equipped around 1,200 customer agents at 429 of its dealerships across France with Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 tablets. The devices will be used mainly to improve and modernise the after sales customer experience, with Citroën also hoping they will go some way towards developing customer loyalty.

The tablets have been loaded with customer service app developed for Android by ETAI (Éditions techniques pour l’automobile et l’industrie) which allows the agents to help offer support to new customers buying a vehicle.

apple carplay displayEnhancing sales

Going forward, Citroën plans to also implement software to send automatic car service reminders to customers, and is considering implementing electronic signature software in the future.

“Consistent with our position, we decided to focus on new technology to reshape our approach to hospitality and customer after sales service. To do this we used a well-known consumer product capable of transforming experience the point sale to a transparent act for the consumer and professional ,” said Gilles Dallois , Citroën’s vice president in charge of after-sales service.

“Samsung offered us the most suitable technology choice, namely a reliable professional tablet which is easy to use and capable of carrying tailored business applications”.

Following this initial deployment, Citroën hopes to extend the project to all company-certified repair centres by the end of the year, bringing the overall order to 2,000 devices.

Citroën is one of a series of automobile manufacturers signed up by Apple to carry its new CarPlay operating system, which will allow motorists to sync their mobile devices to enjoy navigation, music and voice activation services whilst driving.

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