Tech Quiz: Christmas Technology

Just like Cliff Richard said, “Christmas Time, mistletoe and… Wi-Fi”

The big day may be more than a week away, but with offices shutting down next week and people taking that annual leave they forgot they were entitled to, we thought there was no better time to launch our Christmas tech quiz.

For those in the IT industry, most of the work has been done, but technology gifts will be in high demand this Christmas and gadgets have become central to the experience for many.


The Amazon Echo, Playstation 4 and iPhone X will be just three of the presents underneath many trees this year and families will be using Netflix, Smart TVs and Chromecasts to enjoy some festive entertainment.

And some people even start doing their January sale shopping not long after they’ve started to digest their tueky.

But what do you know about Christmas and technology?

Why not find out with our Christmas Quiz!