Story Lines That Will Be the Most Relevant at CES 2017


ANALYSIS: VR, AR, AI assistants and IoT security will be talk of the show as consumer tech provides innovation for the workplace

Story Five: At Your Services

Curran: “The shift by consumer electronics companies from products to services businesses will be a pivotal story to track at CES 2017.”

  • CES 2017 is going to be — more so than ever before — about new types of services. It will be about connecting new types of artificial intelligence services on smartphones to new types of artificial intelligence services on fitness monitors, home thermostats and security surveillance cameras.
  • It will be about connecting the dots between digital, operations, technologies, and strategies of consumer electronics companies throughout communications products, services, and platforms. It will be about connecting consumer electronics within new digital transformations that these companies are now going through to be relevant and differentiated in the new consumer electronics marketplace.

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  • The companies that will take the lead at the show will be those that demonstrate they are transforming comprehensively into digital businesses.
  • CES 2017 will be about the consumer electronics market is shifting from a product-focused business to one focused on delivering services.
  • Apple’s success in the service business is a great example of how consumer electronics companies are growing their services businesses. Its services business, which includes Apple Music, Apple Pay and App Store revenue, has been growing rapidly.
  • The services business is second in overall Apple businesses — ahead of iPad, Mac and all other hardware.
  • Count on stories at CES 2017 about consumer electronics companies showing how they are pivoting towards becoming more focused on delivering services.
  • And this year there will be storylines around how consumer electronics companies are “connecting the dots” within their companies between digital, operations, technology and strategy.

And One More Thing…

Analyst Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights sent this to eWEEK:

“My #CES2017 wish list. What are yours?

  • Robot vacuums that suck less. (Couldn’t help myself).
  • Drones that crash less. Highest end ones doing just fine.
  • Secure home IoT with improved interoperability.
  • More WiGig for wireless display and giant M2M transfers.
  • Better Windows trackpads with ultrasonic fingerprint.
  • More support for hardware based MFA.
  • 4K per eye VR. 1K kind of sucks, admit it.
  • More competition in high end graphics and CPUs.
  • More devices with 1 gig LTE-A.
  • More smartphone modularity.”

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