Quiz: April Fools’ Day Tech – True Or False?

Easter Eggs colour © Ufuk ZIVANA Shutterstock

April Fools’ Day: How good are you at spotting fact from fiction?

It’s that time of year again. The press releases are flooding in to Silicon towers with what President Trump might call ‘alternative facts’ in an attempt to dupe us into publishing their April Fools’ jape.

Fortunately, this year the day itself falls on a Saturday, which gives us a bit of a helping hand in filtering these out.

Nokia 3310 PureView Windows Phone April Fools Spoof

April Fools’ tech quiz!

But to be honest, technology is so strange at times, it can be difficult.

After all, one year Microsoft once said it was releasing a Windows Phone-powered edition of the iconic Nokia 3310. I mean, re-releasing a 17 year old phone… who would do that?


So instead of trying to trick you, (or falling victim ourselves), we thought we’d offer you the chance to decide for yourself with our special April Fools’ quiz!

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